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Just been given a 2005 Honda Civic 1.6 SE and the fuel economy is killing me. For a start the fuel light appears to come on around 100 miles from empty and the needle on gets to the bottom of the fuel gauge with about 60 miles still in the tank.

The MPG on the dashboard is also very optimistic and on a couple of occasions now I've run dry when I should still have miles left according to the MPG on the dash. I ran out last week, dashboard said I was getting 37mpg and when I calculated how much fuel I'd put in the real MPG was about 32mpg. So I put in exactly 12 litres and ran it to empty to see how far I could get, answer 82.6 miles on 12 litres, that's 31.31mpg and the dashboard was telling me I was getting 38.5mpg!

What is a realistic MPG for this car, I'm driving it pretty gently and on long runs the dash is telling me I'm getting 42mpg but I just don't trust it any more.

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