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The Satnav in my 2016 Honda CIVIC Tourer died a couple of weeks ago, Honda dealer wanted £2k for replacement. So with a bit of input from Honda I purchase a secondhand unit through eBay, making sure the replacement unit had the required critical numbers in the part number as advised by Honda.
Anyway replacement arrived, with proof of purchase/invoice (not a nicked unit), but no code to unlock it (which I was aware of) and had it fitted by local in car audio company. Being told you can get a code online, no you can’t or I cant find one for this model unit!
Does anyone out there know where or how I can get an unlock code for this replacement, unit details below;
Pt No. 39100-TB9-E63-M1
Manufactured by Fujitsu Ten (which I have now found out could cause me a problem with getting an unlock code)

Any help or suggestions greatly received.
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