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I have a 2002 Civic 1.6 hatchback.

Some time ago, I noticed if I really pressed hard on the brake pedal, it would go all the way down to the floor – although the car was stopping perfectly well with just moderate pressure on the pedal.

More recently, the handbrake stopped working on the offside wheel and I diagnosed a faulty caliper

I have just replaced the caliper and, after bleeding the replacement caliper, the brake pedal went all the way to the floor. I then proceeded to bleed all the calipers (in the right order) but the brake pedal still went all the way to the floor. I have now bled the brakes no less than THREE times but he brake pedal goes right to the floor with almost no resistance with the engine running.

On the last bleeding session, after bleeding the third caliper, I checked the brake pedal with the engine off and there was almost no pressure but after a few pumps it came up quite hard – I was delighted.

I proceeded to bleed the fourth caliper after which the pedal was a soft as it could possibly be and went straight down to the floor.

Last night, having done nothing to change anything in any way, I tried pumping the pedal again and it came up quite well – but then immediately lost all resistance again.

Any comments or suggestions would be gratefully received.
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