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Hi Guys
I am new here excuse me if I sound daft.
I have a 1.6 VTEC Civic 7th gen (I believe it's EP2) I am having trouble with misfire. I have the car for nearly 2 years and it's the 1st time I am seeing this issue with my car. it has done 128,000 miles but always had service done on time had full service history from previous owner too.

It randomly comes up with flashing engine management light and then stays on, I checked the code and it shows P0301, P0302, P0303 & P0300 which indicates misfire. I have OBD scanner so I can check these codes anytime and have deleted them few times but it comes back.

I have read up online and the common cause seemed to be coil packs I replaced coil packs and deleted the code but it came back. then I read VTEC can cause misfire if not enough oil in the engine topped up engine oil deleted the codes and came back on again. yesterday did full service on the car to ensure engine has clean oil and deleted the codes afterwards but still had the light come back on.

I cannot think of anything else that is causing the issue as car has right amount of oil, coolant, New plugs, air filter and I am not at all a boy racer and it still makes the car to misfire. weird thing is there is no difference in the drive when light comes on car drives absolutely normal and still keeps the same power. and it seems to flash the light when engine is warm and revs are below 2300rpm.

sorry for the long essay but I was trying to put as much information as possible so I could get some help please guide with what needs doing on my car.

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