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Hi all,
I am just wondering if anyone has any technical info on the Honda 0w20 engine oil, as supplied by UK Honda dealers?
Specifically, I would like to know if it is really synthetic in the true meaning, not just "synthetic" as is applied to some lesser products (e.g. Castrol Magnatec - described as "synthetic engineering").
The Honda oil is described as "Type 2.0 synthetic oil" by Honda dealers and I cannot find any information on what this title really means. Being the eternal cynic, I am very suspicious of anything that does not clearly state what it is, i.e. "fully synthetic" and tend to mistrust vague descriptions which I then cannot find any further information about.
Basically, I can buy this oil for about the same price as Mobil 1 or Castrol Edge, so it's a case of whether the Honda oil has any benefits over the others.
Hopefully, someone here will be able to shine a light on my darkness! :confused:
Many thanks, Peter.
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