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Hi Guy's, name's Stu, come from Edinburgh, I drive a Satin Silver EP3 Type R with a few mods as listed below. Heard of the site through Nickyboys bebo page thought i'd join and say hi!

Mods so Far:

Spoon N1 backbox
Supersprint B- Pipe
Magnex Decat
Dastek Unichip
Black powdercoated OEM alloys with calipers painted red
Spoon reservoir covers
goodridge hoses
ferodo DS pads

Mods coming soon:

DVD headunit
Kpro ecu
Earthing Kit
Tinted Windows
ABP -35mm springs and fast road setup

I will post up some up to date pics in next few days!!

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right this is rediculous lol might aswell change the name to lol its all good though, theyre not exactly bad cars!! spec on this one is awesome, noticed the k-pro....niiiiiice. (cough cough lee) welcome to the site mate, get some pics up and enjoy posting!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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