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hi all.

im martin and from newcastle.
i have driven a civic MB6 for 2 years now n thought ad join a website and heard about this one.
had a 2 litre astra previous to this one n thought it was rubbish. kept breaking all the time so thought ad move to honda. had a 1500 lsi coupe for my first car n loved it.

havent done much to the vti so far. only put on:
Injen induction kit
Mongoose exhaust system
de-cat pipe.

hopefully gonna put a bit cash in the next few month.
anyway heres a couple of pics of the cars.
[attachment=1:29um12l5]Vtec beast 2.jpg[/attachment:29um12l5]
[attachment=2:29um12l5]my car.jpg[/attachment:29um12l5]
[attachment=0:29um12l5]Nice front.jpg[/attachment:29um12l5]


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