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Hey Folks, My names Ross or "Jolly"
i'm 19, worked in the motor trade for around 2 and half years.

My First car was a volvo 440 1.6i.. Not bad for 250credits with a full years mot and a months tax. That got cubed.. piston rings were fucked so it liked to guzzle oil.

Second car I owned and still own is a year 2000 Honda Civic 5 door. se vtec.

Recently got a 3rd, a wee rover 100 1.1 which is great to work on and spin about the town in, But my pride and joy's the Honda.

Nice engine on it, a wee 1.6 single-cam vtec.. Not really got many modifications too it, Have a twin filtered induction kit which came of a celica GT4... Great grunt. A decal on the the bonnet and a toxic sub system. I have plans to do more but with being young insurance are not keen on me with a honda, so costs are a bit expensive right now to be modifying it..
here's a pic, will get another at later date.

Oh i'm from Dumfries in Scotland. Try our cruise sometime... if ur passing when it's on that is.

Found the forum while looking for for the correct engine code for for my civic.
D16y8? Or D16Y6?
I'll get it on the car tomorrow i suppose.

Cheers :)


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Ah a fellow Scot, welcome to the mad house. Crazies check in, but they never check out :lol:
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