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new to the forums so any help would be appreciated.

I bought a Civic Sport 1.6 Vtec in September of this year, lovely car. Noticed a few problems with the windows. The drivers side window, when open rattles about in the door, and the roads about my area don't help matters. The passenger side window is possibly the slowest raising window I've ever seen and my main gripe / worry, i've noticed when driving that there is a noise, almost like glass being twisted and making a really quiet cracking / snapping noise and it seems to be coming from the rear windows.

Now when I bought the car, a few days after having it at the house I removed the spare wheel only to find underneath it was literally FULL of broken glass.

Just wondered if this was a common problem with this model of car, the dodgy window seals and rattling, or whether it's been a dodgy broken window replacement.




Should have mentioned it was a 2005 model
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