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Hi guys,
I want to upgrade the reflector headlights to the projector ones on my 2004/2005 Honda Civic 5 door hatchback (eu7). I have bought the projector headlights but found that the bulb in the reflector headlight is a h4 bulb, which means the wiring coming from the car is for a h4 connection, whereas the projector needs wiring to suit the h1 bulb. How can I get the cars h4 wiring connector to work on the projectors h1? I believe everything else will connect but it’s just the dipped beam that’s becoming an issue. And I think I need to extend some of the other wires possibly to make them all reach.
Thanks in advance and look forward to hearing your replies!
kind regards,

The headlight on the left is the reflector and the right is the projector. As you can see the right side one has a h1 bulb but the left side has a h4 bulb.
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