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Hello, quite p*ssd off right now just brough some nice yoko tyres fitted them then realised the car has horrible negative camber, as i the out side of the wheel isnt touching the floor. Its been lowered, just on springs i think, i didnt do it. 40mm aparently, top of wheel is same hieght as arch. My haynes manual says ther is no adjustment for camber...arrrrhhhh!!!! my new tyres will be ruined in weeks, im also broke, so cant afford massive changes.

Whats my cheapest options and what other options do i have if i can scrape money together. I dont mind raising it back up to save the tyres for now.

Oh, its a Civic coupe 1.6i LS 1997.


Tony (the desperate) :eek:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts