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Hello everybody,

Thought I should introduce myself and sign up under my proper name, I also post under the username hondas-on-track which hopefully you have seen some of the posts from :) ...I am a comittee member on HOT, hence having a bit of a duel personality 3:) ..

Anyway about my car, I have a 2005 Premier EP3, modded but so you cant really see 8-| , I got persuaded to track it a few years ago and havent really looked back. Its an amazing feeling driving the car at its limits (well maybe mine) in a legal place 8-|

Details of my car..

The basic car
2005 Honda Civic Type-R
Nighthawk Black
Fog lights

The "Premier" additions
Tinted windows
Type-R embossed logo on brake calipers
Recaro bucket seats
Red carpets
Momo steering wheel

TGM Baffled Sump
J's Racing Front Strut Brace
J's Racing Engine Torque Damper
Energy Uprated Engine Mounts
Mugen Oil Cap
Mugen Radiator Cap
Mugen Reservoir Socks

RRS Black 6-point harnesses (although I only use 4)
Modified handbrake centre console to allow harness bolts to fit (thanks to Mark Chese)
DC5 Pedals and Footrest
J's Racing Rear Strut Brace
JDM Red Mats
DRE Shift Light
Type-R Tax Disc Holder

Tarox Front Disc Brakes
Ferodo DS2500 Front Pads
Goodrich Braided Brake Hoses
Uprated Brake Fluid

Spoon LSD

Carbing Rear Lower Tie Bar
JDM Anti-Roll Bar
Eibach Pro Sport Springs
Eibach Camber Adjusters
TGM Fast Road Setup
Front Grille Meshed

For the track
Toyo R888 Tyres
Rota Sub Zero Alloys

Future modifications
Mugen Twin-Loop Exhaust
Hondata K-Pro (in talks with ARTech Tuning for something slightly different also 3:) )
Eibach Coilovers
J's Racing Carbon Bonnet
J's Racing B-Pillar Strut Brace
J's Racing Rear Lower Strut Brace (to replace the Carbing one)

I had the car dyno'd at a rolling road a few months ago (at Janspeed) and it made 176.7bhp at the wheels, approximately 208 at the fly; not bad with just an induction kit!

And finally a few of my favourite pics:


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Oh yes, makes a big difference to the front end..another worth while mod...not sure if you are going to JAE but I got it for a bit of a bargin off the Sumo stand last year 8-|

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Not too bad tbh, the engine mounts are the thing which makes it vibrate alot and even then I dont notice it, only when stuck on the M25.

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Me neither really if I am honest..I guess it stops the engine rocking back and forwards so much when accelerating hard..

Just pinched this from another site..
"Greatly improved off-the-line acceleration
Reduced wheel hop
Improved vehicle stability
Reduced shock loads on driveline components
Smoother shifting
Reduced wear on exhaust system joints
Less vibration transmission to the driver compared to polyurethane motor mounts.
Less shock load, compared to torque straps and chains.
Drifting – helps reduce shock loads when wheels gain traction.
Reduces motor movement – decreases the chance of motor parts rubbing against
the hood and frame."

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Thats the thing if you do opt for the torque damper at a later date you will have to modify the brace or get another one, there are two different ones, one with the connection for the torque damper and one without.
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