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Good morning everyone.

Last November I got a 2010 Civic 1.8 Si and it has a few issues of which the main is below:

The steering has gone from firm and responsive to loose, sloppy and what feels like a significant amount of play in the wheel.

There is also a knocking noise which sounds like it's coming from within the car when the wheel is rotated left to right.

The car is still under warranty and I've taken it back complaining of this issue, to which they told me it was normal.

In my mind, the fact that it's changed significantly either means it isn't normal or if it is, it wasn't originally (though if that's the case, I'd prefer it to become more abnormal).

As it stands, cornering at speed feels pretty dangerous and unpredictable as well as driving in a straight line which needs constant, notchy adjustment.

Please help if possible. I've read a few threads where the steering rack is the issue an I'm wondering if this is why they're telling me it's all normal.
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