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i thought id mention this as im not sure if any1 has done this yet or not (if someone has i'll be intrested to hear about it)
Im planing on replacing the glass windows in my coupe to perspex as they tend to be quite heavy cars and i can get away with it for an M.O.T. (plus fancied a job to get stuck into) I was going to remove the interior and seats but since i use them and prefer the look of them being there (than not) in the 1st place,i decided to remove the glass instead.

Benefits of removing the glass, reduces the cars weight considerably as theres 7panels to get rid of.
As it reduces the weight it will improve acceleration and fuel economy slightly...i no it wont improve the acceleration as much as removing the interior aswell but its a start lol
Also it will improve safety due to the impact strenght of the perspex being alot greater than glass.

I am planning on this swap being around easter break in time for the donny show or IST show as its now known. (International Styling and Tuning) as it gives me something to aim for with funds. (never know might get lucky at work :D )
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