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Hiya all..!!

Hoping someone can help!

My drivers side headlight flickers sometimes, once it starts it won't stop.

My local garage took out the headlight assembly and showed my that whoever owned the car previous has put in some gas discharge bulbs, but the bulb is permanently connected to the loom, kit cannot be pulled off to replace. He said it could be the ballast pack or bulb which is failing, but he cannot simply fit a new bulb because of the issue I mention above.

I'm totally lost on how to fix this problem!!...I don't mind buying a complete headlight assembly but need it to come with the ballast pack and bulb and am concerned I might buy the wrong thing :cautious:

Can anyone advise on how I can get this issue fixed please??.....the rest of the car is fine, it passed it's MOT not long ago so I just want to fix the headlight but can't seem to get a straight answer.

Many thanks in advance.
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