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Hey there

I'm looking at buying a 2001 Civic, the SE Executive 1.6i. Viewed a really nice example, except it was in some kind of limp mode as revs topped out at 3500rpm and the car stalkled at idle once warmed up.

The sales guy claimed it was because of a flat battery (he'd had to jump it) as it had been stood for a while. He later said it may be something like a sensor, but that either way they'd get it sorted. I've agreed to view it again when they do get it sorted.

So, I guess I'm wondering if anyone can help with these questions:

- can a flat battery result in the CEL lighting up and limp mode engaging?
- is it possible to mask any issues that result in the CEL lighting up and limp mode engaging for a reasonable period of time (like long enough for me to not pick it up on a reasonable test drive and to be halfway home/running it for a month)?

I've got no issue taking the car if it's fixed, but don't want to buy a lemon!
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