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Sshhh. Before you point out that there’s no way this bizarre Ferrari Zobin concept would ever work in the real world, that the headlights could never make production and debris off the front wheels would destroy that metal band thingy in seconds, just sshhh.

Just look at its totally far-out brilliantness. Look at that wraparound chrome strip at the front, tucking under the nose and back up over the wheels. Look at the cute little headlights stuck onto it. Look at that Ferrari P4/5-inspired bubble cockpit and the Enzo-style wheels and nose.

Forget, for a second, that this is nothing more than a tripped-out idea on an Iranian designer’s computer screen – that there’s no word on what it might be powered by or whether it could ever be made road-legal.

Instead, be happy at the sheer silliness of the Ferrari Zobin concept. Be happy that left-field designers are still dreaming up loony concepts that’ll never make the road. Be happy that it doesn’t have a big funny arse like the California.

Because, obviously, no one would ever bring anything as weird as this into production.

Would they?

Source: Top Gear


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