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Fancy your own Formula 1 car? That you can actually drive on the road?

If you just shouted 'no' at the computer, you're probably on Top Gear by accident.

If it was a resounding 'yes', meet the Hainsworth Special - a Ferrari F1 replica that'll get you looks and cause impromptu traffic jams more than anything else on the roads.

Maybe even more than this.

It could be just the ticket for embarrassing supercars, too, weighing just 366kg and with a 220bhp Suzuki Hayabusa bike engine providing the shove.

You'll be looking at hitting 60mph in 2.5 seconds and the ton just 2.4 seconds later.

And unlike an Ariel Atom, it does it all without being too short on bodywork. There's even something resembling a windscreen as standard. And just look at that carbon fibre rear wing! We want three.

Unfortunately, there's just the one knocking about at the minute, but it can be yours for a fiver short of £20k from Total Headturners, the purveyors of all kinds of weird and wonderful replicas.

They've even injected an extra 40bhp into the already uber-quick Atom, the exact one driven by our Stig no less.

And there's a replica that closely resembles the 2008 Ferrari F1 car in development, with a sweet-sounding Alfa Romeo boxer engine on board.

It'll have a bit less go, mind. Once again, itâ??ll be taxed, MOTâ??d, and legal for the road... prompting an army of school boys and camera-phones following you every time you nip out for some milk. The company certainly lives up to its name.

Source: Top Gear


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might get one
but wait only one seat wheres Mrs Scrog going to sit
best get one then :p
but much sooner have the cobra in the back ground
could take mrs scrog out in that
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