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Evening folks, my name's Brian and I hail from sunny Dundee.

Spotted the URL on Nickyboy's MSN so thought I'd pop along and say hi

I've got a 2005 EP3 Civic Type R in Cosmic Grey

I've done the following to it so far:

Under the bonnet:

AEM V2 intake
Buddy Club Spec IV exhaust
DC Sports battery tie
HAMP oil filter
Lee Hayes earthing kit
Mugen engine oil cap
Mugen high pressure radiator cap
Mugen reservoir covers
Silkolene Pro S 5w40 oil
Spoon engine torque damper
Ultralite carbon fibre intake manifold cover
Ultralite carbon fibre sparkplug cover


Red brake caliper paint


JDM carbon fibre sill plates
JDM red carpet mats
Recaro phone seat holder
Richbrook carbon fibre backed tax disc holder
Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer airfreshner
Spoon titanium gearknob


JDM Union flag badge
Philips Silvervision indicator bulbs
PIAA silicon wipers
Richbrook spinning anti-theft valve caps


Ripspeed DVD722B headunit
TomTom One

To be fitted: Goodridge braided brake lines, Autoguage oil pressure and temperature gauges

Pics of everything can be found here, some not entirely up to date but that'll hopefully change at the weekend :D ... cle&CID=59" onclick=";return false;

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another ep owner!nice!and in the fastest colour aswell haha :p nice car mate liking the AEM it looks familier! lol great noise from those aint it,looks well with all the carbon goodies under there aswell!nice car :)

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it would have to be high quality mesh to go on an EP3!!

nice car mate, that engine bay looks sweet! we really are being overrun by EP's lol, i like the sound of the different models sections, i was thinking of suggesting it the other day but neevr got round to it!
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