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Ello folks,

Potential new Honda Civic owner here, and looking for some independant advice, over and above what the salesman will try and feed me. I considered a Mk3 (I think) shape one (2001/2002 year?) about 2 years ago when I was looking for my first car but I really wanted a diesel and they had none in the showroom and I never went back coz the salesmen was a tosser. However, I did get a seat inside one and loved how roomy it was, driving position was excellent and visibility all round seemed pretty good. Also quite high up so it'll be easier for my disabled Gran getting in and out.

However, ended up with a cheap Mondeo until I found the money to buy a Focus, but with all the crap I've had to fix on this Mondeo, I'm a bit wary of buying another Ford. I am exploring the possibility of buying a Civic again as I think they're an all round better option and seem to fit the bill.

I need a hatchback, small enough to be nippy around town but big enough to pull a small caravan and feel safe on the motorway, that handles well enough to have a bit of fun, quick enough not to be boring but overall cheaper to fuel and insure than the Mondeo, more reliable and easier to work on. A 2001-onwards Type S (which I looked at before) seems to tick all the boxes bar insurance and the diesel ticks all the boxes bar the speed, but I'm guessing that can be improved?

I'm just about to go and find the correct forum to ask what I should be looking at when looking at Civics, if there's any weak points, what they're like for maintenence, servicing and tuning, etc.

If I like what I hear, I may well be joining you very shortly. ;)

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