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Hi im new to this forum stuff i bought a 2005 civic type r ep3 in june this year. Since owning the car i have realised shes got a few issues.

For starters it would seem like its trying to cut out if you whent anywhere near the vtec rpm. I Did some research and digging around and realised the knock sensor is broken .

I bought a genuine one from tegiwa and had it fitted. Its made a massive difference but now the same problem occurs when you hit red line?

Has anybody else had this or a similar issue?

A few other issues she has:

1.Makes a grinding noise when starting the car sometimes. (CAN BE LOUD)
2.Struggles to start once shes been warmed up properly. Starts and cuts off and occasionally sounds like starting a dead engine thats just about to turn over but does eventually start. Starts ok on cold.

Thank you if youve had similar issues let me know.


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