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Hi all

I've just bought an EP2 Civic as a bit of a doer upper. The previous owner told me that it uses a lot of oil - they couldn't give specifics of how much it used other than a lot.

The head gasket had just been changed as it was loosing water and since that was replaced its been loosing oil. I noticed a large trail of blueish smoke under acceleration also and TBH it felt sluggish but in all honesty, I can't remember the last time I drove something with this little power so it may be normal :ROFLMAO:

My thinking is its most likely valve stem seals need doing, car has done around 130K. Failing that possibly piston rings.

I'll be compression testing the engine tomorrow to rule out piston rings.

Assuming it's the stem seals, how easy is it to DIY? I like to think I'm pretty handy with a spanner (although usually Nissan not Honda) :unsure: or has anyone used a seal conditioner to help with issues like this
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