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Recently I was on holiday for 2 weeks, during that time MIL turned on
2 times but after about an hour driving it was going off, on the way back
home the MIL turned on again so I decided to take the car (Honda Civic
2001 1.6 SE VTEC) to the nearest dealer to have that checked.

I left the car with them last tuesday 06-01-2009 and this afternoon
15-01-2009 they called me so I could get the car back as everything is
sorted now.

So I got invoice for 207.00 GBP with works done:

"With HDS found codes P0171 fuel metering too lean P0420 cat system
effciency below threshold checked no 4 10A fuse under dash OK. checked
fuel pressure OK (32- KPG at idle and 3000 RPM) checked oxygen sensor 1
with HDS found sensor opearation OK. applied vacuum to evap canister
purge valve"

"Intake side, vacuum held OK checked MAP sensor with HDS IGN on
atmospheric pressure indicated OK advice valve clearance check"

"checked/adjusted valve clearances, deleted codes road tested for approx
11 miles OK"

As I dont know much about cars I was happy to pay that price as long as I
had the problem behind but apparently I was wrong as after 2 miles I got
the MIL back ON, I was frustrated, I went straight back to the service and
they couldnt tell me anything, they wanted me to leave the car once again
with them but as I didnt want more expenses atm I said I need the car
over the weekend and they want me to bring the car at monday but I am
afraid they're just trying to get more money of from me.

Can anyone give me some advice or help please, any ideas or give me
direction where and how I could get ready myself for the next visit at the


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Today I was on the phone with the service manager and I was told that this is the way how it works, he cannot tell me if it will take one hour or 10 hours to find out the real problem causing the MIL on and the best is the only one thing what will be done out of charge this time is connecting my car to the PC and getting all the info they need but rest of the "guessing" around what could cause the problem is on the 90GBP+VAT/hr rate.

If i could know what is the problem I could get them just to do that, can I be sure it is cat to be replaced and if so how much this can cost me ?


After spending many hours reading forums about given codes I may think most likely it is the O2 sensors problem witch should be replaced, if I am wrong please correct me if not the I will be trying to do that myself what you say ?

PS. I have just came back home after 50+miles trip and I cant say there is anything wrong with my car what I can feel as difference... except that MIL hants me still.

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I am back with some news, I did try to convince my Honda service to get the problem fixed out of charge this time without luck so I ordered my own ELM327 1.3v USB version and I can provice some more info.
The only code witch shows up is P0420 and pending one is P0420 as well. I read few posts about that particular code and it seems my catalytic converter is broken probably if not O2 sensors, so now I just need make sure myself what I really need to replace to get this problem sorted. I was watching the O2 sensors for a few minutes and the first O2 fluctuating between v0.050 and v0.800 when the second O2 sensors witch should be much more stable is getting me readings between v0.300 up to v0.600 is that means it is time to replace my catalytic converter or should I check some more things, any help/advice ?
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