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My electric windows work, but not very well.

It looks to me like the seal that goes round the window is sort of folded over. This causes the window to go up, then slow down as it goes over the folded sticking out bit and then shut. Only problem is it doesnt shut properly and i get wind noise.

Its been like this since i bought it and its only starting to get on my nerves now. At 70mph its like having 40mph wind noise with the window fully open. It doesnt let rain in, which is a good thing obviously but when i pressure wash i do get the odd squirt through.

How would i go about re setting the seals. Is it just a case of just pulling them off and then sticking them in hot water to reset the shape then stick em back on or is it more than that?

Cheers to anyone that can shed some light.

Car is an 01 ep2.
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