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Well...This is the full project of my civic. First are the bolt-ons that my car has at the moment. Second paragraph is the addional stuff that i already bought and final paragraph is new mods that i want to do but i'm not so sure for all of them.

1)My mods right now

Bilstein yellow
H&R racing springs
Brembo sloted/drilled(OEM dimensions) front&rare disks - special order from e-bay-usa
Ferrodo racing 2500 front pads,Ferrodo normal pads rare
Inox larger handmade cat-back exhaust 52? diameter with an also handmade muffler in OEM dimensions
4-2-1 OEM header but the A-pipe is larger(handmade)48?
Just a k&N air filter in the filter box

2)Stuff that i already bought (but i haven't put it in my car yet)
Accel 300plus thundersport 8mm spurk plug wires
Ngk platinum spark plugs
Ground wire kit(HKS style) with 7 point ground wires
Spoon torque damper
Skunk2 OBD2b to OBD1 conversion harness

3)Stuff that i'm going to buy in order to complete the project
p30 or p28 OBD1 ECU(tuning on street&dyno by an expert)
Skunk2 pro series intake manifold
Skunk2 68mm(or 70mm I don't know yet/help) throttle body
Maybe..j's racing carbon intake but i'm not sure, friends with civic told me that the OEM intake works perfect with a K&N filter in the filter box,also said that the aftermarket intakes lose in high RPM range..Is that true?Help please..
Exedy stage2 clutch with lightweight flyweel

I know that my exhaust's diameter is now small for this mods but Unfortunatelly my budget is calculated just for the 3rd's paragraph stuff :(

Please read it carefully and help me with anything you know...Pictures of my civic now,are in the new members topic..I'll upload more soon..Thanks!!!

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we need pics lol

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Alec said:
Upload photos here too!
2nd that! Besides, you only posted the one picture of the EK, lets see more! :)
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