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well ive had her for about 5yrs now never let me down :)

well i wont put up all the pics as there loads lol

this is about the sencond yr into having her full re spray

now jumping on abit

well i bought a b18c4 striped it down and rebuilt it

striped the head down

i would post all the pics of the parts just would take to long lol

lil list i dont think ive missed ne think

B18c4 bottom end
B16a2 head
GSR cams
ITR lma's
Eagle rods
Wisco pistons 9:1 - 81mm
Acl bearings
Oem full gasket set
Type r oil pump
Type r water pump
Spoon thermo switch
Spoon thermostat
Edelbrock victor X
Skunk 2 70mm thottle body
Rc 750cc injectors
Arp head studs
Arp main studs
Arp flywheel bolts
Old one crank beather kit
hondata s300
Ek thottle cable
Hasport engine mounts
Unlimited supply of Hamp oil filters
Greaddy spec 2 boost controller
M-300 wideband
GM 3bar map sencor
Act 6 puck racing clutch
Lighten b18 flywheel
Alloy rad
defi gauges + controller
Full-Race T3 ProStreet Manifold
Full-Race 3" 4-bolt Downpipe
Full-Race Intercooler
Full-Race GT3076R Ball Bearing Turbo
Tial 44mm Wastegate
Tial 50mm Blow Off Valve
Full-Race Intercooler Piping
Full-Race Oil Line Kit
Full-Race Vacuum Line Kit
Full-Race Hardware Kit
Full-Race Gasket Kit
Full-Race Silicon Coupler Kit
Full-Race Hose Clamp Kit

block work

nice shot from the rear

some turbo shots

ready for strip down

in she goes

kinda sums it up there was more into it but would of just took me to long to put it all up hope u get the idea lol


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great job, really do wish i could do all that stuff myself, ive got a spare d16z6 sat in my trailer, would love to rebuild and boost it for my silver EG!
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