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I have been wanting to convert the hubs on my civic for god knows how long to either a 114.3x4 or 114.3x5 as the fine people from japan only really make decent wheels in these PCD's. Now i have asked this question on god knows how many websites. US Honda tech, UK Honda tech, CSC, Hond-R and i have not got any replies of a decent value, apart from honda tech US when they said urm i am not to sure .

I have considered the options which are hubs from a EK9, as far as i know these will be a simple 5x114.3 conversion, only problem really is they cost a damn arm and leg! I guess there would be a possibility to swap the DC2 or dc5 but i guess this will cost more than a set from a EK9, so I would ideally like to know if i can use the hubs from a BB4 GEN4 prelude. I have a old JDM spec lude sat half beaten up in the garage and have stripped it of its cool parts (i have loads still left if people want anything, PM me for them) and the hubs seem to have a good bit of potential behind them.

So anyone know if i can do the swap?

thanks a lot, Pogg
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