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Hi all,
My car is the new shape 2006 Civic es 2.2 i-ctdi.
I made an unfortunate mistake and hit the kerb as driving about 30mph. The front and rear right wheels got damaged so i have replaced them but the main problem is the engine doesn't start. The eml is on, and also shows check system and check vsa. A handheld obd scanner was not able to communicate with the ecu but a friend with a laptop could. There are error codes like suspension problems etc which is normal, but there is ecu error as well like no communication with ecu and can communication bus error.
How could the ecu damage at all? Or is it just a system cut off for safety/fire reason? Is there a switch a button or a fuse what could sort this problem?
The car was faultless before hitting the kerbstones.
Help me please please please!
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