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Hello all,

I'm writing this because I'm stumped. This is related to my thread on called "clunk after replacing control arm" (I can't put the link because this is my first post).
I have a 2001 Civic Hatchback produced in Great Britain, so I hope there may be more experience with this issue here.

I replaced the control arms in 2014 and every since have had strange problems:

1. I needed to install a washer between the castlenut and the arm when tightening the balljoint. This is because the castlenut could easily be tightened past the hole for the cotterpin. I recently changed the balljoints and again encountered the same problem. (The boot also looks a bit smashed to me)


2. After installing the control arms I have had a problem with positive camber. It seems as though the control arms are just slightly too short! Here is the front-right tire (after ~60,000 km):


These are the control arms that I installed:


So, I seriously regret not taking pictures of the old control arms and not comparing more closely. My suspicion is that I just have the wrong part.
My VIN is SHHEP23701U006044, so it looks like the car was manufactured in Great Britain in 2001. This was the first year of this new model, and the car was in the first 7000 cars produced. Is it possible that all the parts catalogs and web pages give me the wrong control arm, and that I need some control arm from a previous or different model?

Thanks very much for any comments you may have!
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