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Hi, Anyone know the major differences between the EG6 and EK4 apart from the year of the car, body etc. Been told they have the same engine (I think) but thats about it.


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The EG is lighter too

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This spec is based on the American SI (aka VTI)

Model: SI

Engine Code:-------
"In Japan and Europe, as well as a few other exports locations, the VTi was offered in 2 motors: the B16a2/3 (160 hp DOHC VTEC) and the D15B. (130 hp VTEC SOHC) The D15B shares the same head as the US Civic SI (D16Z6) but a unique block, crank, and rods. the car shared the 1.5L displacement of the other D15 blocks, but the rods were the same length as the D16's". Source wikipedia.
Valvetrain: SOHC, 4 vavles per cyclinder, VTEC variable valve timming
Displacement: 1590 cc
Bore & Stroke: 75.0 mm x 89.9 mm
Compression ratio: 9.2:1
HorsePower: 125 hp @ 6600
Torque: 106 lb-ft @ 5200

Layout: Transverse Front Engine, Front-Wheel Drive
Transmission: Manual Five Speed w/ Starter Interlock
Gear Ratios:
1: 3.250:1
2: 1.900:1
3: 1.250:1
4: 0.909:1
5: 0.702:1
Final Drive: 3.250:1
Differential: Open

Exterior Dimensions;
Curb Weight: 2390 lbs
Weight Disturbution F/R: 62/38
Overall Length: 160.2 inches
WheelBase: 101.3 inches
Overall Width: 66.9 inches
Track F/R: 58.1/57.7 inches
Height: 50.7 inches

Front: Indepentent double wishbone w/ coil springs & 21mm anti-roll bar
Rear: Indepentent double wishbone w/ trailing arms & coil springs

Front: Ventilated dics, 10.38-inch, power assist
Rear: 9.43-inch solid discs

Wheels And Tires;
Wheels: 14 x 5 steel, wheel covers
Tires: 184/60-R14

Hope this helps mate
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