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Hi,new to this forum and a big honda fan and i currently own a honda 1.6 vtec 2002. Im looking for advice on upgrade options. Even though she's an old bird im the recent second owner and car has fsh 94k. I intend on keeping it for some time and upgrading as i go along. It already has 17 alloys and the original type r kit. Im looking to find out what my engine tuning options are and a rough cost. Also suspension upgrades/brakes preferably type r bits if feesible. I've been crucifying google for info on the d16v1 and its very limited and most threads are really old.

Can anybody tell me what is the best bang for buck and im fairly competent at mechanics so I'm open all ears.

Was considering buying a honda civic 2.0 type s and dropping the bits in if it's fairly straightforward because there relatively cheap in the uk and i really dislike the 5 door.
Failing that is it feesible to get this engine up to 150bhp without spending thousands?

My other considerations later down the line would be turbocharging it as I've heard these engines are pretty solid up 500bhp with the right bits and i would only be looking for around 300bhp to maintain reliability.

Will the type r shocks/springs fit with any noticeable improvement and brakes even though mine is a 4 stud and not 5.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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