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As this years starting to getting underway for the get togethers,cruises,race meets etc....i thought id make a topic to see how many peolpe are lookin at going to this year and if so which ones....

the main 2 i want to go to is the donny show :D ( all the info to it is in the meets/events section) and the donny south....ive been to these for the last 2years and they are always give a great time, so im aiming to go to these.
Also id like to see a japfest at santa pod as its half hour away from me so its an easy 1 to get to.
I would also like to attend a honda civic only 1 as i havent been to 1 yet and would be good to actualy meet the people on here, see their cars and hav a [email protected] and show off my car :cool: .
So these would be the main 4 im looking at going to, any extras that come along would be a bonus lol

What about you??

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