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The other week was in the garage getting some stuff when i knocked the socket set off the shelf with then landed on my bonnet and to no surprise dented it i can assure you I was well pi55ed.

So i have just had my bonnet and front splitter (had a few fine marks) respayed last week, the splitter perfect matched straight out of the tin, the bonnet was another story it matched the bumper hence was darker and made it look like my front wings had been painted the wrong colour

So i went everywhere for an eyematch and all to dark so the guy spraying the bonnet mixed up some ford grey, bmw silver and audi blue to make his own cosmic match this is very very good.

I know your supposed to flick the paint into the wings to match but we did not do this as i removed the splitter and bonnet from the car to avoid overspray problems.

So dont think it was bad job in the end for £65
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