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Basically In this DIY I will run you through how to take off your wing mirrors an tell you the best way to spray them.

Ok so the first job is getitn them off.
open your door and at the from of the window there is a black plastic triangular cover shown below.

This needs to be taken off. To do this either pop a screw driver or as i did a pair of scissors into the top gap of it and use the door frame as leverage to lever it out.

Once you have it off you have to disconnect the small wiring connection (for none electric mirrors, skip this part)

Simply pull this out

The next step is to unbolt the mirror from the car, this is done by unbolting the three 8mm bolts inside the frame.

Once you have the mirror off, you can do as you please, paint it as a whole, take it apart and paint it, or take it to a body shop..

This is what i did.. Unscrewed the bracket that holds it to the car, from the actual mirror pod.
covered the mirror lens as neatly as i could in masking tape.

Then I went through the painting process AS WRITTEN HERE

Remember that this is an exterior part so make sure you use ALOT of coats of clear-coat!!

After its all dry, screw them back together, bolt it back on (Remember your wiring plug) and cover it over with the plastic triangular piece of trim..

All done, from black to match in no time at all!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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