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i have recently just purchased my first honda civic ek4 Vti-s.
must say very impressed with the way it performs, for a 1600cc it is an absolute flying machine and the noise it something else. anyway on to my issue, i was orignally told that it has a lightened and balanced flywheel and an uprated clutch (paddle clutch) so never driving a car with a paddle clutch before i assumed would be difficult and got on with it.

after a few days of driving and getting more used to this clutch i am starting to feel that there is a slight bite and when i say slight i mean like approx 5mm movement of bite, so its hard not to pull off like a kangaroo.

im not adamant that it is a paddle clutch and something, has anyone experianced these problems previously as i was wondering if this could be a clutch master cylinder or clutch slave cylinder? maybe both before i start ripping the gearbox out to change a clutch.

many thanks in advance.

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