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Hi all, hope all are well just had a question about service pack.. i recently picked up an FK8! Awesome car by the way! i spoke to Honda last week, i gave them my reg!

My car does have a service pack on it, he asked me when was the last service, I could not give him that info.

As i was at work, i did check the dash on the car system, this was a few weeks ago it was saying 3300 miles to go for next service!

So my question! Can I ask Honda to give me all the service parts like oil filter, oil, air filter, etc and service the car myself ?

Would that be allowed ? As I would prefer not to give the car to anyone! it's a long story, to many clowns about!

Every time I've left a car with someone something all ways gets messed up! Yeah I know it's a sad world we live in!

If anyone could let me know, I would be very grateful 🙏 thanks
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