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Hi folks

Just looking to see if anyone has any idea what is going on with my civic.

I own a 2007 Honda Civic type S petrol semi-automatic.

On Friday when I started it it came up with the system check cog, the engine still run fine but it wouldn't let me go out of neutral. It eventually went away and was okay. I decided not to drive it at this point. Later on I went out to try it again and it worked fine so I took it for a run around the block (which included driving up a hill) and there were no problems. Later that night I went to go out in it to drop someone off, it was okay to start I drove out the street and up a hill and the system check cog came on and it went into neutral and would not let me change it to automatic or reverse or manual. I had to free roll it back down the hill and into a space. I didn't touch it after that and have arranged to have it towed to a garage this week for them to have a look at it. Today I went out and started it and it came up with the system check cog but allowed me to put it into automatic. I went back to try it again not that long ago and it was letting me put it into automatic and reverse. I didn't attempt to drive it today though.

Sorry that's a bit long winded. Just wondered if anyone had experienced this or has an idea of what could be wrong?
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