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Hi, my civic eg leaks water on both front footwells each time it rains. The passenger side leaks bad than drivers side. I thought I had fixed the leak as the passenger sunroof drain tube had come off the bottom elbow exit tube, so I put it back but still got a leak. I even siliconed both tubes to exit tubes so they are secure.

Next I removed wiper cowl and cleaned the wiper area then fitted new foam seal on the wiper cowl as the old seal was cracked, I was hoping this would fix the leak but nope, still leaks.

I removed the heater blower to have a look under the vent whilst I poured water over the windscreen and I can see water entering from a corner where there is a small gap behind the foam seal. So I redid the foam seal on the cowl and moved it a little back to cover the gap but somehow water still finds a way pass the foam seal despite the gap being covered. The water is entering from somewhere and ends up over the sunroof drain tube then drips onto floor.

I have attached pictures to show you what I mean. Would anyone know what is causing this leak? As for driver side well I'm clueless lol.



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