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Hi everyone i have a problem (well a little problem) its on a 1997 Coupe VTi...

i was round my g.f's house on tuesday night and i drove off her drive and my passenger side mud flap and sike shirt caught on her drive.. (its really steep!!!) and pulled my passenger side side-skirt right off, i managed to clip it back on the white clips but as for the 3 screws that go underneath the side-skirt there gone .....

i used cable tie to go threw the hole on the side-skirt onto the car and tightened them very very very tight... doesnt even look like the side-skirt fell off and is STRONGE, if you push and pull it you can tell its on really well..

I jumped on the motorway went home (on tuesday) and went work today and its still really tight it wont fall off which is a gd sign.... BUT obviously i dont want the cable tie to be on there forever (even though its doing a good job),,, so i was wondering.... where can i buy a screw and the plastic washer that was there, i dont want to use any screw and make the hole the screw goes in bigger.. so if anyone knows where i can get it from please let me no.... thanks in advance
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