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Here is a post about the EK sedan i had in 2007. When I bought it it was in poor shape, so I took it upon myself to make it into a good and usable day to day car. Here are the mods i made:

- Changed all the suspention parts to ITR spec. ITR shocks, ITR springs, and lots of more parts i dont know the english words for :(
- Changed the brakes to ITR breaks. (I promise you, that car STOPPED) :)
- ITR front seats
- Type-R frontbumper lip
- Original 15" ITR rims with Pirelli P-zero tires
- Replaced the front bodyparts of the car and painted it. (lots of dents and scratched)
- Gave the engine a good overhaul. When I got it it was drinking oil like a norwegian drinks beer ;)
- EDM foglights

After these mods the car was like a dream to drive. Excelent suspentions, killer breaks and an OK fuel consumption. Now the car is sold, and the new owner also bought a B18 engine from me ;)



1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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