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Hi Everyone

My Honda Civic car is having troubles in starting. For past few months, what was happening was when i was trying to start my car and it didn't started,
it was turning on the engine but was not able to carry it on, was cut down and when i leave the car for 30min - 1hr, it starts without any issues.

I took it to honda slough earlier, they said they couldn't find the fault. After that Car was running ok, other then occasional trouble,
which when i leave it for sometime, it works fine.

Then in may it happened and this time it didn't start even after leaving the car for sometime, so i had toc all AA.
The AA guy couldn't find a fault but as the last resort he used ''Easy start'', and the car started. He told me probably the fault is in fuel pump or injector.
As the fuel isn't reaching the engine while starting the car.

Then last week i had the same issue, and again AA guy came, he used easy start, and car started , and ask me to take it to garage.
I booked an appointment, but my car broke down again, and this time it didn't started, now AA came again, and dropped my vehicle too Honda Garage.

Honda guys told me that they will charge 95 pounds just to find a fault (FYI my car is still in garage for past 10 days).
Then yesterday i received a call from them that they couldn't find a fault and they need more time. for that they will charge more money 138 GBP+ VAT / per hour.

Since these experts couldn't find a fault, in first 90 minutes, i believe they just might want to rip me off. I am not able to understand what is the issue,
has anyone faced the same issue, and could guide me how to proceed. Quick reply will be appreciated.

Thanks & Regards

Rajat Bhatia
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