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Common Introduction Questions:
- Can we see some photos of your car if you have one?
- What modifications have you made?
- What future plans do you have?
- Where are you located?
- How did you find the forum?

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I need advice / opinions / observations etc. I bought a new Civic a few months back and decided to sell my older Civic myself. However, despite national as well as local ads, the nearest I've come to selling it is a very recent enquiry. Anyway, details of the car as follows: 54 Reg, 1.6 petrol, manual, Executive with all the standard kit plus met paint and rear parking sensors. I've owned it from new, it's got Tax+MOT until Sept 09, FSH, asking price £6295.
Now, I fully realise that there's a horrendous "Credit Crunch" going on at the moment, but people are still managing to buy/sell cars! So where am I going wrong? Am I asking too much, because having done a reasonable amount of research, I believe that I've pitched the car at a very reasonable price.
Any (sensible) suggestions etc???
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