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My partners looking to buy a new Civic and she's test driven various options. It looks like she fancies a...

EX GT iVTec 1.8 Petrol Auto 5 door 2009, Black paint, Black leather, Panoramic roof.

We are talking to our local Honda dealership to get some costing figures including her old car in part ex.
The pair of us are very naive new car buyers as I've never bought a new car and my partner isn't particularly knowledgeable in this area.

Given she now knows what she wants, is the sensible thing to go round other dealerships and try and play them off with each other to get the best price? or are we likely to get roughly the same quote everywhere?

Would we expect (given Honda's current position, the credit crunch etc..) to get a sizable reduction in list price as a starting offer?



...any thoughts? please....

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Certainly just play the dealers off each other. But i find with Honda there are not as many about so it's harder to do.
When i was 19 i bought a Fiesta and went to 3 Ford garages. Got part ex price for my car, against list price of them odel i wanted.
Then i rang each garage up 1 after the other and kept making them beat each other. Finally got it down to 2 and 1 of them matahced the other but couldn't beat it at i just said well i don't care where i buy it from so i'll just go there if you can't 'beat' it.
So i did, but i lied and told the other garage they did beat the other garage dropped price again and give my full tank of fuel, extra tax and mats.
Overall i got them down about £1500-£2000 and it took all of 30 minutes. And that was only on a 9k car.

But in my experience. (not great, i've had 6 cars in 4 years) it's best to get an ex demo model with 500 miles on. Save yourself even more.

For example i tried to get an Astra VXR like that...missed out in the end as nearest one was ages away and someone beat me to it.
But list price was £20,000+ and ex showroom demo models were sold at £16,000 with less than 1000 miles on and about 3-6 motnhs old.

Worth a shot!!

But you should at least get £1000 knocked off it even without putting garages against each other. Just go in there and tell them what you want to pay and say that's all you will pay.
They won't go for it, let them sweat it out then they ring you up saying they can do you a deal!

car salesmen are so easy to haggle brutal with them though, they are slimey bastards!
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