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Hi guys

Saw this forum on facebook, so thought i would check it out..

I own a NHB 02 reg civic type R. love it to bits!

Mods so far:
AEM v2 induction kit
unslienced supersprint midpipe
Magnex 6"x4" oval back box
spoon tourge damper
Hondata re-flash ECU (vtec kicks in at 5200 and redlines at 8800)

other things...
18" Rays replica Rims (6 spoke gun metal grey with shiny lip)
Honda JDM wind reflectors
Honda JDM mats
pionner DVD/CD head unit
VIBE sub and speakers through out

Think thats about it so far... im from the Reading Berks area




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thanks guys. the only thing i wanna do is drop it 25mm but also the wheels you see in the pics are in a bit of a sate now. all that shinny lip has been eaten by the crappy weather and salt on the roads in winter. (only the rears have. the fronts are mint. weird) i am going to get them re furbed. but not sure on the colours.

i was thinking do the spokes in NHB black to match the car and was thinking about a red lip. but do you think that will a bit much? or what about a white lip??

my aim is to have it not so much in your face and more suttle but want to keep a JDM look to it.

any ideas guys?
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