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I know this is a really general, broad, opinionated question, but please try your best to answer it.

What is the best exhaust for the S2k, in all your guys opinions? Sound, look, Power gain?

I love the sound of the Comptech and the Greddy Spectrum Dual Elite exhausts. I like deep/Aggressive sounds. Not a big fan of the whole Raspy sound.

Dual Exhausts Preferred

Are there any exhausts that sound similar, except just a bit louder, and have good power gains? I am thinking of running it with a TP.

I want details, such as how it would sound with a TP. All opinion welcome, so please psot your favorite exhausts or setups.

And don't tell me to go to the Exhaust thread. It has gains and videos, but I want people's person opinions. How it was to live with them, and such.
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