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Hello, everyone.

This is my 1st post, so I am getting used to how this works.

I have a Honda Civic 2003 Coupe 1.7 vtec automatic transmission 60k miles.

2 years ago torque converter died on it and I am trying to remove the gearbox at the moment, but of course nothing is happening how it should be.

I have removed absolutely everything that is attached or was holding the gearbox, I unscrewed the Flywheel bots as well already, and gearbox is spinning freely.

But the gearbox it self haven't moved at all, there are no bolts bolting it or any any mounts. It is just sitting on the jack and on all video's I have checked , gearbox should just slide off with no issues.

It don't know if there is any gasket material between gearbox or engine, but it doesn't seem that way. As much as I am trying to wiggle it and move it, I have no movement from the gearbox.

If anyone have had any experience with something like this, I would really appriciate some help with this.

Because I am out ideas, gearbox haven't been removed before, that I know for sure, this is how it came out from the factory.

Thanks for reading this messed up story, If you have any ideas, please I will gladly hear them. :D

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