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Hey all,

Replacing my passenger lower control arm on my MK8 2.2 Diesel civic and noticed a small rod that attaches at the front of the control arm to a lever actuated switch? Well this rod is broken.

Upon calling Honda (as I had no idea what it was) its the headlight adjuster, but they only sell the whole unit for £307.

I have found a second hand one for about £50, but its really only the rod I need (like a mini drop link).

So after more digging found it to be a problem on CR-V's and you can get the rod brand new to replace.

My question(s) is this...

Has anyone else had this issue? (If so what did you do)
Has any one found a suitable 'rod' replacement?
Can it be done?

Or do I just need to be a second hand and try to repair mine?

Here is the second hand part
Here is the CR-V replacement rod

As always any help is appreciated.

Cheers guys.
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