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A few weeks ago we reported on a tweaked Audi RS6 from MTM tuning, and since then our inbox has been filled with news of literally two more of the tuned Audi beasts.

First up, the Kicherer RSStreet. With a new exhaust system and some electronic engine jiggerypokery the RSStreet produces 700bhp - up from the standard car's 580bhp.

Kicherer has also fitted a new spring kit - dropping the car by 25mm - and a set of 22-inch rims.

The bodywork gets some spurious additions too in the shape of carbon 'mirror shells', a front lip and a carbon rear diffuser. We presume a badger designed the paintjob. Or Pepe le Pew.

Matching the Kicherer's 700bhp power output is the all-white ABT RS6. However, the press release on this car is far more interesting than the car itself.

According to ABT the driver should 'contain his leadfoot: beware when the ABT RS6 is unleashed'. And...

'Christian Abt has checked the tuning with his legendary "buttometer".'


Source: Top Gear


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