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Barely a week goes by without some exciting news from Aston Martin. So if you’re bored of the Bond car stuff, or the One-77 story, how about this – the new Vantage GT4?

It’s the replacement for the N24 – the car that’s been around since 2006, and often raced by Aston chief Dr Bez. The Vantage GT4 is a similar off-the-shelf racer, and will slot into loads of different race series’ over the world (most obviously, er, GT4 championships...).

Gentleman racers will be pleased then, especially as it’s got some juicy updates. The engine is now 4.7-litres rather 4.3, with an ECU setup especially for racing. The exhaust and air filters are freed from their road-going shackles to increase power, and the whole thing is 300kg lighter than the standard car.

You can choose from a six-speed manual, or Sportshift with paddles. There’s a quick-release steering wheel and Recaro competition seats too.

Thankfully, the suspension and brakes are lightly modified, so there’s less chance of crashing your new £96,000 car… (that’s where prices start).

We wonder how it’ll compare to the Lotus 2-Eleven GT4 we showed you last week? There’s only one way to settle that. Bring on next season.

Source: Top Gear


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