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Hello everyone,

I've exhausted searching many forums and general automotive sites with the current problem I am having.

I have a 2014 SR model (pre-second facelift) and noted when using my keyfob to lock and unlock the vehicle, the hazard lights do not flash, the mirrors do not fold and the feature which controls the opening and closing of windows using the keyfob no longer works. Also the alarm does not engage , as the light in the upper cluster does not flash (the anti theft for the satnav does actviate though)

In addition, i have noticed, when I came home and took the key off, the radiator fan shut off when i removed the key (when it should continue to run it course to cool the vehicle). Further more, before i could press the window button whilst the key is in the II position, and i turn the key to 0 and remove it, the windows do not continue to automatically close .

Things i have done so far:
The keys has been professionally checked and both work fine.
Taken it to a mechanic who reset the computer - no success,
Checked all sensors (including disconnecting the bonnet) and this does not work

This issue came up after i parked up for 30 mins and left the hazard lights on for the duration. Car started fine afterwards.
The battery is going strong and has never gone flat
Really have absolutely no idea what's wrong with it.

Thanks in advance!
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